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Logically speaking, a more important step in SEO is to provide search engine users with the content they want (there are a lot of expansions, how to make information valuable for retrieval, how to aggregate similar information, how to recommend related information, etc.)mentioned It is not very comprehensive and should belong to the second point cited.So even if you want to do it, you can’t do it as a serious project, and the recognition is insufficient.For example, in addition to the lucrative medical industry that will recruit a group of low-paid workers to edit articles, what other industries will have? Not to mention finding a group of well-trained editors. (Editing is just an example,White Hat SEO,  many things may not be done manually, but those that need to be implemented by the program also require technical personnel, in short, they are very expensive)For the company level, it is difficult to ensure that ROI is worthwhile, and it will still choose to do SEO.Therefore, in the case of insufficient human resources to generate actual value for the Internet, SEO can be divided into two steps:

1. First, solve the problem of search engines. These are written in Baidu’s official search engine optimization guide, such as URL standardization. But although these are regarded as normal practices by search engines, they have no value to search users, right? It’s just that the search engine throws the problem that their waste can’t solve to SEO to deal with.

2. After that, it was basically cheating. . . Cheating here is defined as a change made only to obtain SEO traffic without generating value for search engines or search users. Decide whether or not to cheat, not limited to keyword stuffing, outside the chain of what the process is , but to do a change of .For a website to obtain reasonable SEO traffic, it is almost enough to do 1, but there is often competition in various industries, and everyone wants to improve the effect, and will do 2.Therefore, doing SEO is cheating. It’s just that some people know that they don’t say it, and some people don’t even realize that they don’t pile up keywords.The question was changed, so I digressed passively. The original question is roughly: the difference between SEO and cheating?As for the distinction between white hat and black hat SEO, in the past, Family Video, I may also tend to use the above mentioned: doing most of the things behind will not produce value for users (of course there are still things that can be done in the early stage), so black and white The difference between caps is whether the search engine side approves of that approach.

But after attending a search conference, I didn’t like this summary. “Black hat”, “white hat”, and even “grey hat”, “green hat” and other concept hype can be heard. They are more of a group of people using them to decorate themselves.The two former SEOs of the company were giving a speech that day. During the questioning session, someone asked: I seem to get SEO traffic for almost the entire industry, and how should I break through?One of them answered: SEO is not a panacea . Then, nothing happened. .I don’t know the composition of the industry’s SEO traffic and the source of the search volume. On the contrary, it will kill SEO. In addition, he also asserted: SEO needs strategies to win, and SEO based on technology is absolutely unworkable and impossible.I don’t know who finally gave up doing SEO at all ,FM TV, and who is using technology to achieve things that were not possible with strategy.Well this time I took the initiative to digress.In summary, black and white hats are often used by people who do not do SEO in the front line to promote the concept of what they do. For actual SEO, there is no need to classify a behavior into black hat or white hat.

As a relatively low-cost means in online marketing, the early anti-cheating mechanism of search engines was weak, and the level of practitioners was relatively grass-roots, which led to SEO. It has always been bundled with various urban legends and tricks to appear in the public eye. in.The so-called cheating is black hat SEO, which is nothing more than using and amplifying the defects of search engine strategy (some logic in product design is not rigorous) to achieve the increase of natural search traffic and conversion.Compared with the white hat operation, the effective time is shorter, and the efficiency will be improved when you have certain resources. But returning to the essence is hurting the interests of search engine users, such as: information that is not really available, even fraud, using Trojan horses to make money, etc.

SEO work is usually divided into several steps:

  1. Keyword Research
  2. Content creation
  3. Link building (inside and outside the site)

Regardless of the development of the website in line with the search engine specifications when the website is established, and the content update in the regular operation of the website (that is, the first and second parts of the above process are not discussed), pure technical cheating (such as bridge pages-judging users) Source, type, display different content, etc.) Let alone; the most common way of cheating is to make a fuss about link building:

  • Invade a large number of government sites to obtain high-weight links to target sites to improve rankings.
  • Use the similar BBS BSP (Blog Service Provider) platform to establish sprocket, station group, and obtain massive links to target sites to improve ranking.

And so on, with the continuous changes in search engine rules and changes in the profit model of cheaters (early Trojan horses, plugins, and now phishing scams, direct sales products, etc., Funny USAthe monetization process has repeatedly become lengthy), which has also promoted the continuous evolution of the industry . Because the cost of black hats is getting higher and higher, whether it is cheating or white hats for SEO, it becomes necessary for group operations to continue trial and error to be effective. When the cost increases, cheaters will be forced to study the methods of experience

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