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Turning on the phone, a hot girl smiles in front of the camera, shaking her body with the music, without any technical content, can get a lot of watching and likes.

This is a short video routine that we are all familiar with. Repeated music, repeated actions, repeated content, and content from the overseas version of TikTok, are creating a new wave of craze in the domestic male community.TikTok first attacked overseas, and with its more concavo-convexed young lady, showing a bigger figure to export to domestic sales, it captured domestic male forums.The foreign lady is too straightforward!” A male netizen posted on the forum with emotion. Below the post is a TikTok video collection, in which a group of foreign young ladies dance with the same BGM music card, unabashedly showing their sexy body.

Compared with the domestic Internet celebrities who are somewhat aesthetically tired, in TikTok, you can see all kinds of young ladies from more than 100 countries.They never hide, and show their charm to the outside world:The young ladies from Europe and the United States are more willing to show off their bodies, the Japanese cute girls have long eyelashes fluttering, there are also exotic Indian beauties, hot South African football babies.sexy bikinis, pure JK, breasts and hips, seductive passionate.

You can find any type you like on TikTok and enjoy this beauty.In contrast, the domestic short video platform is increasingly rigorous censorship mechanism: mathematics teacher is “suspected of illegal” because of online class smoking, biology teacher is banned by the platform for “progressive” lectures.When the collar is a little bigger, you face the risk of being reported/titled. The young ladies on Douyin naturally have the knack of keeping yourself safe, sitting properly and never stepping past the thunder pool.On the one hand, it is the formatting performance with almost no innovation, on the other hand is the charming and charming in the looser censorship boundary. It is not difficult to understand that many netizens would rather borrow AppleID over the wall and download TikTok—even netizens have published detailed tutorials. Including how to log in to AppleID, and teach you step by step how to download videos to your phone.Family Video, F M TV, 

Of course, being addicted to TikTok does not mean giving up Douyin. For every sane adult, it is “children make choices, and I choose them all”.Like Douyin, TikTok also uses powerful algorithms to allow you to see the content that you are more interested in. After you like a video of a few young ladies dancing, more and more young ladies will appear on your homepage—— What’s more, in a popular BGM, you can find countless PLMMs with similar styles.”TikTok is really fragrant”, “I really love the international version of Douyin”, posts such as these have been repeatedly screened, which somewhat reflects the love of beauty among men.Behind countless JRs’ “true fragrance” is the fact that TikTok is sweeping the world.

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Obviously, I just opened it to take a look, but I didn’t know it for a whole afternoon-does this feel familiar? TikTok overseas users have also expressed that “it is very magical.”Yes, in addition to beautiful women, you can also see many short video content you are interested in on TikTok, cloud sucking cats and dogs, learning to cook, watching funny videos to relax, and watching celebrities you like.When ByteDance promotes TikTok, in addition to localized operations-after all, who knows the locals better than the locals?Another successful strategy is to use celebrities to attract traffic.When a Belieber sees Justin Bieber also lip-synching and performing magical dances with his wife Hailey Bieber, is there any reason for refusing to download it

Similarly, Army (BTS fan name) will not miss any scene of idol’s home isolation on TikTok, TikTok challenge (usually, it is also a gesture of mouth gesture).Open the overseas version of TikTok, if you are a K-pop music fan, then there is a high probability that you will see the latest developments of EXO or Jiang Daniel;If you are a basketball fan, then the scene of James and his family dancing together must have caused you to laugh.

Teenagers see the other side of idols on TikTok, do the same challenge with idols, and can even share the same screen with idols. The most important thing is, maybe they can become popular overnight.Rapper Lil Nas X is a typical example. As an unknown singer, the 20-year-old Lil was originally a properly unknown person. In 2019, he uploaded a country hip hop song “Old Town Road” he created to TikTok, and it became popular in an instant.Millions of users use this song as background music on TikTok to create a variety of short videos, and the song soars into the sky. In addition to more than 67 million views on TikTok, it is also listed on the Billboard Hot 100 The chart broke Mariah Carey’s 16 consecutive weeks of record on the Billboard singles chart and continued to dominate the chart for 17 weeks.

Lil himself became famous overnight. Not only did he get rid of the identity of nobody, he also quickly reached the pinnacle of his life. He signed with Columbia Records, the album was released quickly, and he also collaborated with Cardi B, who was popular in the sky.Charli D’Amelio is another success story. After opening her channel in June 2019, this 15-year-old girl from Connecticut became TikTok’s most famous star through dancing in just a few months-thousands of people imitated her to dance, you even do not know why. Her breakthrough success made her one of the band Hype House, was invited to dance on stage with the Jonas Brothers, and guest perform in the Super Bowl.

However, TikTok celebrity Chase Hudson said that if he wants to become popular, “Either you are very talented in some way, or it is a strange and interesting combination, or you are very good-looking.” This 17-year-old spiritual guy from the United States is on TikTok. With nearly 10 million fans, he lives in a “content home” with several other TikTok celebrities in Los Angeles, and produces TikTok videos every day.

Of course, in addition to these big Vs, most ordinary users are just happy to share their daily life on TikTok, acting in funny sitcoms, showing babies, etc., just like you and me and other ordinary Chinese Douyin users.The madness of teenagers has also brought TikTok a lot of income. The overseas version of TikTok took less than eight months to get a billion in revenue. Today, Douyin and the overseas version of TikTok’s in-app purchase revenue has exceeded 3 billion yuan.

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Even Japanese elementary school students cannot escape the charm of TikTok. In the Japanese TV series “Leisure in Calm and Calm”, elementary school student Xiaoli said: The children in our class play TikTok every day.In Japan, “Nihon Keizai Shimbun” conducted a random survey, and 24 out of 100 passersby had TikTok on their mobile phones. In Spain, it is said that one of the most frequently asked questions from parents is, “Mom, can I download TikTok? “This year, the forced quarantine of the global people once again boosted TikTok’s growth.

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