How to Make Money By Making Youtube Online Videos

How to Make Money By Making Youtube Online Videos

Suppose how you make and publish a video. Most likely, the title of your video is “How to bake cookies.” Then, describe your video below, perhaps the recipe you listed, the cookies you purchased, etc.YouTube Earning, The final product, including the brand name, and the tag added to you Videos, baking, biscuits, brands, recipes, appliances, etc.

Now, when someone watches your video, they are most likely to see exactly what you specifically identify with ads related to your video: cookies, baking, Mattel (if you name it, brand), etc., basically you can ensure Someone (hopefully) will click on one of their ads. Now, I want to dive a little bit of my personal theory, so the next paragraph in context.

The controllable factors that you let YouTube know about your video are about the video title, video description, tags, category, and the actual name of the video you upload; however, I think Google needs more factors to take into account with them The advertisements are displayed on YouTube videos-that is, Family Video, the location of the voice transcription from the video (if such video data is extracted), the presence of cookies on the computer of the person watching the video, and the viewer. Now, Google may not be able to use anyone, but their goal is to make money. And, if they don’t run the most relevant ads for everyone watching YouTube videos, then they mitigate their chances of making money (and, therefore, your chances).

So, all said, I think Google does more than just run relevant advertisements under your control and ultimately benefit you. However, you should definitely do your part and explain your video content accurately. And, it’s time to move to the next chapter: keyword research. Keyword research, although not necessary, can greatly increase the chance of finding your video through YouTube search.

Keyword research on YouTube
Before I delve into this section, let me do a research on the order keywords without any guarantee: traffic, income, exposure, or in other ways. Personally, I think keyword research is great not only to figure out the good use of the video I plan to publish, but also to research the idea of making a video in the first place. Therefore, I will show you and you step by step how to better verify the data you took out during your research.

First, let’s start with YouTube’s keyword suggestion tool.

There are two main ways: you are interested in using this tool by searching keywords, and by video. In the first method, you search for a term and you are interested in finding popular, relevant keywords. Very simple, let us say that you type “bake cookies” in the search box, the tool will return the keyword related “bake cookies, and how many searches, the term is about to be in each month (this is not an accurate number). The second method allows you to enter a URL for a YouTube video and you want to use keyword suggestions. This is pretty scary, and a great way to see if there are any suggestions for YouTube videos, you may be interested in doing related key word.

Using the first method, when I did a search for the keyword “baked cookies”, the result showed “not enough data, not the estimated number of monthly searches displayed. Let’s take a look:

Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that no one will search for “bake cookies!” In fact, this is a perfect example that may continue to the next keyword research department, but what I did before, I want to point out, it says , “Match Type” in the upper right corner of the picture above. In accordance with the intent listed in this article, when you do your search, it is best to look at the “phrase” or “precision” of the results. If you look at the results “widely”, FM TV,  then the numbers you are looking for don’t really represent what you might actually expect in terms of traffic.

Therefore, I will continue my keyword research on the next page. After that, we will get something from the technology, and I will give you some ideas, best practices and steps to smash on the ground to run a new YouTube adventure! How to be a YouTube video master, how to monetize traffic, my kp 1689 micro wm, a daily salary of one thousand dollars waiting for you.

Make money online with YouTube established
1. Create a Google account: If you don’t already have a Google account, then go ahead and create one. You need to use YouTube and AdSense.

2. By registering on YouTube, you should be able to create a YouTube account with your Google account and just log in to YouTube once, but if not, then go ahead and create a YouTube account with the information they request.

3. Sign up for Google AdSense: Once again, you should be able to log into AdSense with your Google account, but with AdSense means you will need to submit more information, such as your address, phone number, social security number/TIN, and More. There is nothing wrong with Google paying you no matter what you get from advertising, so they need to send you annual tax information of your income, etc. Also, I don’t know if it is still the case today, but when I signed up for AdSense , They mailed a card with my physical address to verify that it contained a code.Funny USA, I had to call and enter the code on the card. The whole process took about a week. Oh, if the AdSense site does not seem to be working when you visit it, then disable ad blocking software/plugins.

4. Upload video or two: When you are waiting for Google’s card to send confirmation of your address, this is a good time to upload the video or two so you can start with the history of website building. The film does not need to be public, it can also be unlisted or private. You need to have the video appear in your account so you can activate monetization.

5. Monetize your videos: When logged in to your YouTube account, click “Settings” and then, on the bottom left sidebar to “Monetize”. Once you click Yes, there should be an “Enable “My Account” button that you can click. If you don’t see it, then you don’t have enough history with YouTube. However, it’s okay because it doesn’t It takes a long time and it is much easier to set up now than earlier this year. Anyway, once you enable monetization, all you need to do is connect your AdSense account, and this is it!

6. Bookmark this post and revisit it often: Once you and you are ready to take things to the next level, make sure you revisit this article! There are many ideas, here, you can come up with new ideas, videos, etc.

First of all, I really hope you walk away from the things used in this article. I know this is a lot, some of you, this is a brand new learning experience. For those of you who are like this, my advice is to just take your time, relax, have fun while learning all of this. Feel free to ask questions, if you have them, I’m here to help. (This is best if you email me through the contact form, because after a certain point, I can’t keep up with the comments anymore.) Thank you for taking the time to read all this, I look forward to writing additional When paying in installments, the reader’s interest should prove sufficient. Good luck with your earning efforts!

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