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Everyone is talking about costs, slow competition, business, physical fitness, and so on. I think there is another important reason that the concept of community in the United States is too strong. The community mentioned here can be a high school or university, a city or a region. After a region’s rugby team became famous, it gradually became a part of the culture here, and the culture here was based on rugby.The answerer goes to school in Pittsburgh, the old Northeast industrial base of the United States. The Pittsburgh Steelers are the home team here, and the home team is yellow. American football,  The football field in “Batman-The Dark Knight Rises” that was blown up by Bain is our Heinz Field, do you see the yellow underneath!

In the first year of coming to the United States, the respondent tried to watch football games many times, including the famous Super Bowl. These attempts failed because the pace of the game was too slow, there were too many advertisements, the rules were not well understood, and the people did not know… If you want to go to the scene to watch football, because there are only a dozen games in the regular season, the tickets are more than basketball. Football Baseball doesn’t know where it’s so expensive, and it costs a hundred dollars for high positions.

but! Don’t you see Aunt Jiang’s on the road in Pittsburgh every game day:

Anyway, on the match day, wherever you go, it will be black, white and yellow. On the second day of the match day, everyone was discussing the game the night before. The game is broadcast on ESPN but the TV channel you bought does not include ESPN. It doesn’t matter, the TV network provider will forcibly replace a certain local TV station with the video signal that broadcasts the game on the night of the game day, so that local fans can watch the game. There are also rivals around the city who are concerned about the honor of the city. Family Video,There are a few teams that must not lose to them, such as the Cleveland Browns, the Baltimore Ravens, the Cincinnati Bengals and so on. The last game was lost to Baltimore because of a kicker’s poor performance. After the game, the kicker was directly fired!

In short, I’m from Dalian. When Dalian Wanda was still making Champions League A and Asia, the little furry kids on the streets and alleys were wearing blue jerseys, but Chinese adults are more serious. I have never seen a serious uncle or aunt. Going out in a jersey; undergraduate went to school in Beijing at that time. The fan market in Beijing Guoan is also very popular recently, but I never thought about buying a watermelon green jersey or scarf; now in Pittsburgh, as a Chinese size Nong, I can stay at school and write codes every day, just talking and playing with most of the foreign students who don’t watch rugby, but every day I look at the yellow men, women and children, and I feel like I live here, as a member of the community. There is nothing yellow, and it is too unreasonable to have never watched the Steelers game. In a city and school, there are things to be proud of, and it is also very happy.So this season since kickoff has been watching the Steelers game, the main quarterback was injured, kicker has been stumbling for nothing. The pace of the game is slow, and it doesn’t matter if there are too many advertisements. I can read it while writing (eating) generation (night) code (xiao)! I killed San Diego at the last second last night, so excited, Steeler nation is out here!In summary, in most countries and regions I have visited, the strongest concept of community is the United States. This kind of influence makes you feel that you are a member of a big family and you are willing to pay attention to the power of the hometown team. of. Of course I know that the sports here can be not only football, but also baseball, basketball, and football. It’s just that football has become so popular in the United States, and with such an environment, it will only attract more and more people. In other countries, it is more difficult to promote because of the reasons you listed before and the undeveloped concept of community.

Generally speaking, it is still a matter of development direction. Americans are engaged in sports. To a large extent, the core idea is to entertain themselves and satisfy the needs of the people. For the development of overseas markets, what is Europe, South America, Asia, and what? No interest, if it weren’t for Stern’s vision, everyone is now discussing why NBA is so difficult to spread in China. It is true that the characteristics of basketball and rugby determine that the spread of rugby is indeed much more difficult than basketball, but the NFL is so late. It is also an important reason to start developing overseas markets, and most games always start at one and four on Monday morning in China. This time is more difficult to promote than NBA, especially in Asia.
Some people say that football has too many timeouts, so it is difficult to attract people. I think this is true, but if you only regard the period from snap to tackle as game time, it is quite unreasonable. Then it can be regarded as baseball only. Calculate the time taken by pitcher to receive the ball as game time? Does basketball only count the time from hand to ball hit or rebound? This is obviously wrong, isn’t the pitcher’s tactical communication with the catcher before pitching is not part of the game? Isn’t the position tactics after halftime counted as part of basketball? It is also an important part of the game to study the formation of the offensive team and the defensive formation chosen by the defensive team. Compared with football and basketball, the characteristic of baseball and rugby is that with every drive and every hit, there is a chance to score points or change the game, so I dare not miss any goal.

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